Economists have warned about the debt pile. Easing led to a wealth of cheap credit. We’re yet to determine how transitory this recovery of equilibrium will be.

However, one would anticipate corporate leverage to go out of vogue — ironically against a backdrop of lows in interest rates.

That’s several times the amount once believed sensible in European public markets, at around 1 to 1.5 times Ebitda. Banks were the problem.

This time around, as the coronavirus catastrophe unfolds, they seem to the issue.

As opposed to devoting shocks into the system, as they did in 2007-08, the banks are helping to consume them.

Firms and their patrons had good reason to dance.

Banks are behaving more conservatively as they expect deep credit losses across their lending books.

And now its consequences and coronavirus have triggered the inevitable, a financial crisis.

The credit market has been imploding and why we have seen some of the outflows from funds ever.

These broking departments provide clients solutions such as securities lending, trading on margin, and margin funding.

Already, this catastrophe is becoming a sort of the inverse of the previous one.

Susan Li

By Susan Li

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