Bank of Thailand will return its national economic activity to the level before the new coronavirus outbreak on or after 2022 about the 14th. However, the current policy rate of 0.50percent He explained it is not likely to be decreased to zero.

Curve management (YCC), but due to ample liquidity, quantitative easing may occur. At The We The meeting with analysts, Wella Thai Governor forecasts that the national economy will bottom out in the next quarter and recover moderately.

The outbreak (of the new Corona) is likely to continue, and there is a possibility that the attack will spread. But the government should be able to take care of this. We don’t have to take powerful action.

Governor Matty revealed the central bank is currently considering yield Central bank predicts that the economic growth rate this year will be minus 8.1 percent, and the number of foreign tourists this season will decrease by 80 percent.

Vice President, Baht He reported he’d smooth out excessive changes in the market price. He Deputy The central bank left the coverage rate unchanged.

He states there’s a requirement to leave space for coverage in the event of the worst case. The policy meeting will be on August 5th.

The gold commerce remains in baht, he said, clarifying more rules by the end of the year. Added that he would accept dollar-denominated transactions and also soften the impact.

Not contribute to economic recovery Said. Zero-interest levels might be difficult because it adversely impacts the financial system and savings,” said Mattie.

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