Donald Trump and the Federal Reserve have gone to exceptional lengths to prop up the U.S. market in recent months.

Banks may then pass these costs on to their clients, charging fees to get favorable balances.

The Federal Reserve must get our interest rates down to zero, or not.

One of those things the Fed needs to do is safeguard the bank’s System.

I believe interest rates will be the tool the Fed and its instrument kit pull apart.

All central banks have been radically easing their financial policy.

They are attempting to devalue their currencies or prevent revaluation. Bitcoin is radically tightening its fiscal policy.

Because of this, much first time retail investors are flocking to bitcoin for a means to shield their wealth.

Steven Rossi

By Steven Rossi

Steven is the Researcher working for Raiskiy. He tries to find everything new going on in our world and share it with our readers.

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